Sustainable Development Initiative (SDI) is an indigenous Non-Governmental Organization registered with the Cooperate Affairs Commission in Nigeria. Our goal is to strive for the creation of a healthy, economically sound and educationally vibrant society and provide a plat form where all stakeholders act in unison for the common good of the people, therefore contributing in solving the deep health, educational and other socioeconomic problems facing the general populace, especially the most vulnerable groups.


Our expertise is in the area of maternal and child health; where we develop avenues and processes through which the health of mothers and children are given priority by policy makers and other stakeholders. We also conduct research and capacity building to provide evidenced based interventions to policy makers and other stakeholders so as to guide programmatic decision making especially as it relates women and children.  We also provide logistics and supply chain management services as well as training for community based organizations and health care workers working on Maternal and Child Health as well as HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections in northern Nigeria.



We have a very harmonious working relationship with all the stakeholders working in the health sector in our states of intervention. In addition we partner with local communities and other stakeholders to proffer practical solutions against prevalent diseases affecting the populace.  

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