Maternal and Neonatal mortality is one of Nigeria’s biggest health problems. The Northern part of Nigeria bears a large proportion of this predicament, due principally to household and community issues which impede the uptake and utilization of maternal and child health services. Poverty and negative family beliefs and behaviors which are not conducive to healthy survival of mothers and their children.

In order to reduce this SDI and Mobilizing for Development partnered with DFID to carry out the above project. The rationale of the project is to mobilize and empower the communities to utilize maternal and neonatal child health services. We engaged all stakeholders to create awareness and sensitize as well as mobilize the women to overcome the predominant barriers to healthcare services in the area. We did this this through the creation of role model mothers who will go into the houses to mobilize the women to come out and access health care services. The project was able to reach 1,500 direct beneficiaries with key maternal and child health services mainly women and children and achieved the following results.