• Health Insurance. We support organizations in the design and implementation of health insurance programs. Our expertise is in community based health insurance, formal sector health insurance programming as well as private health insurance. We will aid our clients to navigate the technicalities of baseline assessments, costing benefit packages, payments and reimbursements, as well as setting up health maintenance organization (HMOs), Accountable care organizations (ACOs) and other intricacies involved in health insurance.
  • Performance Based Financing; We also support public sector organizations and private health care organizations to develop and implement performance based financing mechanisms in health care provision, this is to ensure the judicious use of scarce resources so as to optimize value for money. Our expertise ranges from the design and implementation of performance based contracting, conditional cash transfers and other result based financing mechanisms in health care. We will utilize global best practices to empower our clients to sail through the murky waters of this new model of health care provision with ease.
  • Economic Evaluations in health care In order to ensure that health care decisions are made based on sound and objective economic reasoning. We support organizations to undertake economic evaluations of key interventions pre and post implementation.